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Price list

Annual membership includes mega discount of annual savings of up to £255, free game fee on the day of purchace, free hire for the year (ensuring you can still play if your gun is broken) AND UKARA  registration to over 18's* - only £40

prices subject to change



Members   Members

*ukara only given as guidelines state. Attendance of 3 games in 2 months is neccessary (these are realistic imitation firearms and legalities will not be taken lightly)

4000no .2g pro ball bb's

3000no .25g pro ball bb's

2000no .3g pro ball bb's

5000no zero one brand .2g bb's

Mk 5 thunderflash grenade

Wire pull ball fragmentation grenade

Wire pull 'burst' smoke grenade

30 second smoke grenade

Sunday game fee under 18's

Sunday game fee over 18's

Hire kit (AK47, 1000 bb's,

protection and clothing)

 Evening game fee

Night game fee

£20                £20

£25                £20

£5                  FREE


£15                £10

£45                £35

£13                £10

£15              £12.50

£18                £15

£15              £12.50

£3.50              £3

£5                £4.50

£4.50               £4

£4                   £3